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9.5" Diameter 8" Length
Made in China

One Size

THE PERFECT FASHION: This snazzy beanie design gives the wearer to style their outfits to match their everyday activity. Over a thousand variety of designs and colors there is a perfect fashion just for you. It’s modern style and peaking trend gives a vibrant new look for anyone seeking out their favorite beanie. From Men and Women, to kids and teens, these beanie products are tailored to make you the model of the century.

THE PERFECT FIT: One size fits most, it’s knitted design provides plenty of stretch and comfortability for those that want to cover up their morning hair, or just stay warm throughout the day. It boasts its foundation with the perfect sewing, and the perfect symmetry, to fit all head sizes and make sure the fit stays true to the consumer. Different styles of beanies gives a slight adjustment to each individuals, so find your style and find your perfect fit!

THE PERFECT QUALITY: 100% acrylic, made with exceptional fiber containing over one hundred thread count variations the soft acrylic fiber creates stability and enhances insulation. Its authentic material absorbs moisture to keep your cold areas dry, and excels in it’s heat retention abilities. It’s machine washable with a delicate cycle, and can be hung to dry.

THE PERFECT OCCASION: It starts with down over your ears as the beanie will keep you snug during your trips to the ski resort, running, hiking, camping, and any other outdoor activities enjoyed in the wintertime. A simple stroll along the park, walking the dog, a date with your significant other, the winter beanie guarantees to enhance your outfit’s focal point by adding a sight of glamorous trend.